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Slideluck BERLIN V Screening

For all those who missed the Slideluck screening in Berlin last week, its now online in video format. Not quite the same as on the big screen in Stummfilmkino Delphi so lucky are those with a projector at home. Here it is:

Slideluck Berlin V

Thanks to all the organisers: Slideluck, Julia Schiller of Photography in Berlin and Kaetha.


Slideluck BERLIN V | Stummfilmkino Delphi

Delighted to have some work shown as part of Slideluck Berlin this weekend in Stummfilmkino Delphi, a historic theater for silent films. The space has been home to extravagant soirées since the 1920s and recently reopened for cultural events.

Saturday | May 2nd | 2015
7pm Potluck | 9pm Slideshow | €5

Stummfilmkino Delphi | Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2 | 13086 Berlin, Germany

Stummfilmkino Delphi - Image © MConsuelo Alcaide

Stummfilmkino Delphi – Image © MConsuelo Alcaide

Curated by Julia Schiller of Photography in Berlin and Kaetha, the Berlin-based curatorial duo, Slideluck Berlin is presents the work of:

Aleksei Kazantsev | Anna Simone Wallinger | Berangere Fromont | Boris Eldagsen | Carlos Collado | Christian Reister | Cindy Morrissey | Dagmar Tränkle | Diane Vincent | Frank Bartsch | Göksu Baysal | Hannah Goldstein | Jan Michalko | Jan Zappner | Janina Wick | Laura Lindlief | Marika Dee | MConsuelo Alcaide | Michel Le Belhomme | Oliver Schneider | Ulrike Schmitz

Musical entertainment will be provided by Poeks and don’t forget, it is customary to bring a home-cooked meal to share with everyone. Prizes will be awarded to the best dish.

From 'Watching the Weather Change'

From ‘Watching the Weather Change’


Travelling to Luan Gallery | Athlone

Watching the Weather Change‘ is travelling to Luan Gallery in Athlone as part of the RDS Art Awards.

AthloneSo if you are around the midlands, pop into Luan Gallery. There is some stunning work on display.

Venue: Luan Gallery, Grace Road, Athlone, Co. Westmeath
Date: September 7th — October 25th
Admission: Gallery Admission is free
Time: Tuesday—Saturday 11am—5pm, Sunday 12pm—5pm

RDS Student Art Awards


The RDS Student Awards Exhibition will open its doors to the public on August 2nd as part of the Discover Ireland Dublin Horse Show from 10.00am to 5.00pm (RDS Concert Hall, Admission: free). I’m happy to say that some images from my work ‘Watching the Weather Change‘ have been selected and will be shown as part of this exhibition.


Project 30 – Emerging Views of Ireland

With the Project 30 exhibition closing in the Gallery of Photography, what can I say? I immensely enjoyed it, music just moves everything into a very different experience. Thank you!

The projection is now online. Enjoy:

Project 30 - projections
Curated by Tansy Cowley and Trish Lambe for Gallery of Photography.

Music: Darragh Shanahan

Exhibition Time – Project 30

… and this one promises to be a great opening night with an outdoor projection in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar.

Project 30 – Emerging Views of Ireland‘ opens in the Gallery of Photography next Wednesday  November 14th at 6.30pm and will show the work of 30 photographers including my own ‘Watching the Weather Change‘, friend and colleague Ray Hegarty, Adam Patterson, Alex Boyd, Cait Fahey, David Flood, Kim Haughton, Miriam O’Connor, Ruby Wallis …

The exhibition will run daily from Thursday 15th November until Sunday 2nd December 2012.

fStop Magazine #55 – Helping

‘Helping’ has many faces, photography to the topic of helping has as many approaches. Check out issue #55 from fStop Magazine for some interesting work:

I do feel this blog becomes very self-indulgent but hey, if you don’t show off it, nobody is gonna see your work, right.
What is interesting to me is the selection of images picked for publication by the editor from a submission of ten images. So the one image I was always told is the strongest in ‘Watching the Weather Change’ has altogether disappeared, and the one I always liked but was never really sure of (hence did not submit it before) is among those shown.

Tells ye: Go with your guts if they persistently tell you the same thing.

Fototazo features ‘Home Coming’

PhotoIreland Festival continued: f/22 opens in Mad Art

Curated by Prism editor, Karol Liver, f/22 opens its doors tonight at 6 to the public at Mad Art Gallery. Pop in along for a glass of vino, I shall be there … on the wall with five pieces from ‘Watching the Weather Change‘.

Featured photographers: Anush Babajanyan, Jill Quigley, David Thomas Smith, Dorota Konczewska, Jesse Fox, Cristina Venedict, Aoife O’Dwyer, Mike O’Neill, Siabh Wall, Joanne Betty Conlon, Natalia Marzec, Naomi Goodman, Jamie Young, Ste Murray, Patricia Klich, Garry Loughlin, Cindy Morrissey, Lynn Rothwell, Patricio Cassinoni, Claire Duggan, Anita Kulon, and Alma Haser

Relentless Melt | The Motorhouse / Farmleigh | 5 JULY – 12 AUGUST

and we are open: