Cee Morrissey

Month: December, 2012

6#211 For one night only …

Christmas Expo einvite 2012_CM


Memory Lane

Going back to the place of your childhood always brings back memories. And with it comes the sense that nothing has changed, that everything has changed. Walking the old way from school some 20 years after leaving, things are … strangely familiar:



This little spot provided for all my childhood fun: bmx in the summer, ski jumping in the winter


the other side of the roadThe other side of the road.

watching me watching youWatching me watching you.

harmony. closed.‘Harmony’. Closed.

neubau. social(ist) housingSocialist housing.

when time stands stillWhen time stands still.

Project 30 – Emerging Views of Ireland

With the Project 30 exhibition closing in the Gallery of Photography, what can I say? I immensely enjoyed it, music just moves everything into a very different experience. Thank you!

The projection is now online. Enjoy:

Project 30 - projections
Curated by Tansy Cowley and Trish Lambe for Gallery of Photography.

Music: Darragh Shanahan