Cee Morrissey

Month: November, 2012

4#211 Clogherhead. The Beach.

Clogherhead Beach after the All-Weather Lifeboat has been brought back on land, leaving its tracks on the sand. And that’s all there is to see afterwards.

Using flash for this type of landscape photography is nothing I’d normally do, but I like its limited reach, the way it turns the look and feel of the scene into something else.




It is some 22 years that the Berlin Wall fell, it is even longer that I left East Germany and I have been ‘back home’ plenty of times. But the one place I have never been back to is the border … outside of Berlin the border was a fence, followed by a heavily patrolled and mined stretch of land … we called it no-man’s land.
The border went right across the road at the end of the village. As kids we went as close to the border as we dared, but I never went back to the border since. I crossed the border line dozen of times, spent weeks in the village with my family but I never went to check out the remains of the border or  no-man’s land. Until this summer.

View of the village.


On the old patrol road: Corn fields were a common sight in East Germany, yet you could not possibly buy sweetcorn or cob of corn in a ‘Konsum’ shop. It was grown for export to the West.


Old barbed wire border fencing used for new purposes …


View East of the border …

Heading West …

Old patrol road …

Westerly winds: No weather for a trip on a helium baloon. Pity!

Remains of a checkpoint …

Exhibition Time – Project 30

… and this one promises to be a great opening night with an outdoor projection in Meeting House Square, Temple Bar.

Project 30 – Emerging Views of Ireland‘ opens in the Gallery of Photography next Wednesday  November 14th at 6.30pm and will show the work of 30 photographers including my own ‘Watching the Weather Change‘, friend and colleague Ray Hegarty, Adam Patterson, Alex Boyd, Cait Fahey, David Flood, Kim Haughton, Miriam O’Connor, Ruby Wallis …

The exhibition will run daily from Thursday 15th November until Sunday 2nd December 2012.

b(e)sides …

This is what happens when out and about working on a project. I get side-tracked and photograph the … coast. These are two images taken in Bray, Wicklow a couple of weeks ago …

Off Season

One of my images was featured in theShot Magazine.