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Accidents & Emergencies

SMBH Mag‘s current issue features some of my ‘Volunteer‘ images.


Showing works from: Nicolai Howalt / Enda O’Donoghue / Max Colson / Paul Moore / Luís Ramos / Cindy Morrissey / Adrian Samson / Scott Typaldos / Marta Zgierska / Essay on Paul Graham by Darren Campion


Check it out here. You can download the full issue as pdf.



Thrilled out of my socks. I have been asked to show ‘Volunteer’  in the next issue of SMBH Mag.


SMBH Mag | Issue 16 | Accidents & Emergency

SMBH Mag | Issue 16 | Accidents & Emergency



Again. Still!

Having spent several months last year photographing the Irish Coast Guard around the country, it was nice to go back and join an exercise with Howth Coast Guard and Rescue 116 for nothing but fun … and some pics of the new helicopter:






PhotoIreland 2013 | Siteation | July 18-24

Volunteer in Siteation

Volunteer in Siteation

from David Nugent's work "Once More With Feeling"

from David Nugent’s work “Once More With Feeling”

Karen Tierney's "Bloom"

Karen Tierney’s “Bloom”

Karen Tierney's "Bloom"

Karen Tierney’s “Bloom”

Opening Night

Turning Silver Out of Dark Grasses – PhotoIreland 2013

You and your guest are warmly invited to the opening of:

PhotoIreland Festival 2013 - New Irish Works

PhotoIreland Festival 2013 – New Irish Works

Austin Clarke wrote of the detrimental effect of the Irish Civil War on national pride and identity in The Lost Heifer. The symbolic young animal, with its capacity to bring light where it walked, is a subdued envisioning of a nationalist ideal that flared briefly with hope.

This exhibition brings together three diverse photographic practices which reconsider national identity against the flux of current times.

Turning Silver Out of Dark Grasses offers viewpoints beyond the headlines of popular media and includes a subjective commentary on the perception of Irish identity abroad, an imaginative re-working of an Irish literary classic and a thoughtful meditation on the daily unsung heroism around us.

The exhibition features new work by David Nugent, Karen Tierney and Cindy Morrissey  as part of the Canon Open Program during PhotoIreland Festival 2013.

Opening: Thursday, July 18th | 1830H
SITEATION | 12 Little Britain St | Dublin 7
Dates: July 18-24
Daily: 10-17H

Random Browsing …

Thanks Noel Noblett


“Morrisseys work looks at the Irish Coast guard and is a visual guide of their everyday. The work uses the large somewhat barren landscapes to its advantage when depicting the scenes. It is these landscapes that successfully illustrate the hardships of the work undertaken by these volunteers.”

Something very exciting in the making …


Spectacle in Photography – Actual Colors May Vary

Spent a very lovely eve up North to see ‘Artist as Curator – Spectacle in Photography’, a projection curated by Actual Colors May Vary (You shall Bookmark). The projection was screened on June 8th in the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast as part of Belfast Photo Festival and is now online:
There is some very very interesting work in this, worthwhile checking out. My own work starts at 20:00 for those who want a peek:

Actual Colour May Vary - Spectacle Projection

Lots of pictures from the screening and a full list of photographers can be found on ACMV’s website as well.


Artist as Curator – Spectacle in Photography

Join me on June 8th in Belfast …


More information on selected artists on Actual Colours May Vary and Belfast Photo Festival

Graduation Show