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Exhibition Season Kick Off – 20×20 Opens Tonight

With PhotoIreland on its way, exhibition season officially begins (for me) tonight –  20×20 opens its doors in Inspirational Arts. Can’t wait to see all the works including a piece of my own work:

20x20 Peripheries - Moments from the Side

Curated by Donna Kiernan: ” ’20×20: Peripheries’ examines what it means to continue living in these times but without focusing on the problems we face. Through these images we cast our gaze sideways for the moments that reiterate our shared existence.  From surreal and deeply poignant metaphors to narrative documents, from documentary to abstract, ’20 x 20: Peripheries’ combines disparate images from some of the most promising photographic students and graduates emerging from Ireland’s photographic degree programmes, to give a complete and deeply meaningful reflection of the individually combined aspects of our continuing society today. As each image imagines an element of what it takes to be a community, the exhibition shows that like each individual, we are ‘more than the sum of our parts’.

The intention of ’20 x 20′ is to reiterate what identifies photography as different from every other medium. By focusing on the theme of ’20 x 20: Peripheries – Moments from the Side’, Inspirational Arts intends to mount an exhibition of twenty 20 cm x 20 cm images as a survey of contemporary photography’s interpretation of modern life in Ireland.”




PhotoIreland 2012 – We’re happening!

Extract from the Festival catalogue on the 20×20 show:


20×20 Peripheries – Moments from the Side

I’m delighted to have been accepted with one of my images for 20×20 Peripheries―Moments from the Side in Inspirational Arts. The Show will be part of PhotoIreland 2012. More details to come …