Cee Morrissey

Month: June, 2013

Something very exciting in the making …


Spectacle in Photography – Actual Colors May Vary

Spent a very lovely eve up North to see ‘Artist as Curator – Spectacle in Photography’, a projection curated by Actual Colors May Vary (You shall Bookmark). The projection was screened on June 8th in the Crescent Arts Centre in Belfast as part of Belfast Photo Festival and is now online:
There is some very very interesting work in this, worthwhile checking out. My own work starts at 20:00 for those who want a peek:

Actual Colour May Vary - Spectacle Projection

Lots of pictures from the screening and a full list of photographers can be found on ACMV’s website as well.


Artist as Curator – Spectacle in Photography

Join me on June 8th in Belfast …


More information on selected artists on Actual Colours May Vary and Belfast Photo Festival

Graduation Show