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Holly Draper for Window to Eden at Raheny Library

Holly Draper for Window to Eden at Raheny Library

Nikkita Morgan for Window to Eden at St. Monica's Community Council Information Centre in Edenmore

Nikkita Morgan for Window to Eden at St. Monica’s Community Council Information Centre in Edenmore


Art Exhibition Windows II

and we’re happening.

Window to Eden has been silently working away in the past few weeks and busy bees we have been indeed. So much so that we have a second exhibition window launching at Raheny Library.

Ariyana Ahmad, a local artist to Raheny, will be showing some of her beautiful drawings from next week onwards.

Please visit our dedicated Windows To Eden Blog, share among friends and submit your work.

Point B : Another place in time. 40x50cm. Pen and ink.

Point B : Another place in time. 40x50cm. Pen and ink.

St. Monica’s – Window to Eden


This is a new community art initiative in Raheny, Dublin.

Window to Eden has a 1×1 meter window space at St. Monica’s CCIC in Edenmore, Raheny, Dublin 5. Providing visual artists with a space to show their work connected to the area, it offers the Edenmore/Raheny communities unique access to local art and opens up dialogue.

Edenmore Art Window at St. Monica's CCIC in Edenmore, Raheny

Edenmore Art Window at St. Monica’s.

Window to Eden runs monthly exhibitions. Window to Eden is not a gallery, it can be visited at all times. Window to Eden can be seen from the road.

We encourage individual artists, local art clubs, schools, youth clubs etc to submit their work – photography, painting, writing, collage, crochet, illustration – whatever your art may be – make the window your space. From all submissions received one or two selections are made each month to be shown in the window.

If interested in showcasing your work connected to Edenmore / Raheny, the wider Dublin Northside or Eden for that matter, please contact us with your idea/proposal at windowtoeden@gmail.com


Postcards From Ireland

City Assembly House

City Assembly House

Powerscourt |Wicklow

Powerscourt |Wicklow

City Assembly House | 58 William Street South | Dublin 2 | until June 28th

Slideluck BERLIN V Screening

For all those who missed the Slideluck screening in Berlin last week, its now online in video format. Not quite the same as on the big screen in Stummfilmkino Delphi so lucky are those with a projector at home. Here it is:

Slideluck Berlin V

Thanks to all the organisers: Slideluck, Julia Schiller of Photography in Berlin and Kaetha.

Slideluck BERLIN V | Stummfilmkino Delphi

Delighted to have some work shown as part of Slideluck Berlin this weekend in Stummfilmkino Delphi, a historic theater for silent films. The space has been home to extravagant soirées since the 1920s and recently reopened for cultural events.

Saturday | May 2nd | 2015
7pm Potluck | 9pm Slideshow | €5

Stummfilmkino Delphi | Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2 | 13086 Berlin, Germany

Stummfilmkino Delphi - Image © MConsuelo Alcaide

Stummfilmkino Delphi – Image © MConsuelo Alcaide

Curated by Julia Schiller of Photography in Berlin and Kaetha, the Berlin-based curatorial duo, Slideluck Berlin is presents the work of:

Aleksei Kazantsev | Anna Simone Wallinger | Berangere Fromont | Boris Eldagsen | Carlos Collado | Christian Reister | Cindy Morrissey | Dagmar Tränkle | Diane Vincent | Frank Bartsch | Göksu Baysal | Hannah Goldstein | Jan Michalko | Jan Zappner | Janina Wick | Laura Lindlief | Marika Dee | MConsuelo Alcaide | Michel Le Belhomme | Oliver Schneider | Ulrike Schmitz

Musical entertainment will be provided by Poeks and don’t forget, it is customary to bring a home-cooked meal to share with everyone. Prizes will be awarded to the best dish.

From 'Watching the Weather Change'

From ‘Watching the Weather Change’



Thrilled out of my socks. I have been asked to show ‘Volunteer’  in the next issue of SMBH Mag.


SMBH Mag | Issue 16 | Accidents & Emergency

SMBH Mag | Issue 16 | Accidents & Emergency




the Sirius Arts Centre in Cobh is opening the Postcard Show tomorrow eve. This promises to be a very lovely and diverse show with over 250 art works – in postcard size.


All works are for sale at 25 Euro with proceeds benefiting Sirius. The works will be exhibited anonymously – the artist’s identity will only be revealed after a work is purchase.

You could get yourself a Roger Ballen. No Joke.

There is some pretty nice stuff on show / sale. And if you cannot make it to Cobh, you can check’em out online. Go have a peek! Here.


22 NOV-1 DEC 2013 |COBH